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Your Oral Microbiome, Get To know It!

Most people don't know they have an oral microbiome. It is actually very important! Your oral health, the health of your teeth and gums, play a large role in your overall health.
Most people don't floss as often as they should and don't think much of it when their gums bleed a little. It really is a bigger deal than you might think. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream from that spot in the gums that was bleeding. You don't want any bacteria from the mouth in the bloodstream. That can cause your body to launch an immune response that shouldn't be triggered. Also, plaque from your teeth can enter your bloodstream that way too. We all know what can happen when we have plaque in our blood vessels.... In fact, there are heart attack patients that have had the plaque in their arteries tested after the fact only to find out it is the same type of plaque that is found in the mouth. Hmmmmm......

In addition to brushing and flossing on the regular, most people think they need to use an antiseptic mouthwash. You know the kind that burns when you swish it around. Well, I'm here to burst your bubble on that one. If you are using one STOP NOW! Here is the deal on those, they destroy your oral microbiome. Just like in your gut, you have both good and bad bacteria in your mouth. You may also know that if you take an antibiotic, you are carpet bombing your gut. The same thing happens in your mouth! There are more oral biome friendly options out there. Go get one! The BIGGEST reason not to use an antiseptic mouthwash is that when you destroy the the good bacteria, you are not making nitric oxide! Nitric oxide decreases as we age and it is vital for the health of our blood vessels. There have been studies on people with high blood pressure and they took a group of them and only had them stop antiseptic mouthwash and their blood pressure normalized! This may not be you, but I can promise you that if you are on a blood pressure medication it is not because you have a shortage of that medication in your body.

If you really want a gold star, stop using toothpaste with fluoride! Flouride is a neurotoxin in spite of what we have been led to believe. It calcifies the pineal gland. There are a few good brands that do not have flouride if you look for them. I rotate through a few different brands but one I keep in constant rotation is by Biocidin. That brand preserves your oral biome and keeps your mouth healthy. You can message me if you want info on it. It may be in the "shop" part of my site.

There is so much we are not told about how to take proper care of our bodies. If there is something you are curious about let me know. I am happy to do a post about it or just answer your questions.

I hope you found this helpful. I would love to know if you learned something or have questions! Send me an email.

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